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Dan Scalco
June 1, 2017
5 Mind Hacks Silicon Valley Founders Use to Stay Focused

Focus is the name of the game when it comes to getting ahead and staying ahead in Silicon Valley today. Competition, constant pressure and a commitment to being the best all push Silicon Valley founders to find new ways to focus.

Steven Melendez
Jul 17 2014
Brain-Enhancing 'Smart Drugs' Are Going Commercial

As the demand for cognitive enhancements expands, nootropics have grown from the stuff of internet-driven self-experimentation to an expanding sector in the massive supplements market.

Small Business Trends Editor
Dec 31, 2018 updated
The Secret Behind Wall Street

We’ve all dreamed of having super human abilities like telepathy or clairvoyance. But what if there was a way to actually increase your mental capacity? You could rapidly learn new skills or masterfully solve problems.

The Oxygen team
Nov 1, 2017 updated
Nootropics: Powerful Vitamins, Healthy Energy

A new category of brain vitamins to achieve remarkable results.

Business Wire
Apr 13, 2017
AlternaScript Helps Makes It Easier for Americans to Lose Weight

There are millions of Americans struggling with weight loss, no matter how hard they diet and exercise. “AlternaScript has figured out how to help make it easier for Americans to lose weight,” shared Kathy Ireland, supermodel and entrepreneur.

Mar 16, 2018
AlternaScript Featured on Netflix Documentary

AlternaScript’s OptiMind Brain Supplement is featured in the Netflix Movie “Take Your Pills”, a documentary on performance enhancement for the hyper-competitive age.

"Alternascript ensures ingredients are safely sourced and mixed in the right amounts."
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"AlternaScript sets (their) product apart by offering a free trial for people to test OptiMind's effectiveness."
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"(OptIMind) gave me a subtle clarity that I can only describe as inducing simple free-flow thinking, which is something I find difficult to achieve."
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